Could the secret to Infinite Renewable Energy lie in a simple equation ?

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A (very) brief history of Energy.

We have been trying to harness energy from Nature’s own existence since our earliest ancestors. Energy was then knows as Fire. They started making fire with a stick, then a bow drill, then rocks.

Obviously, that wasn’t enough for them.

Our great grandfathers kept looking mercilessly for other, most sophisticated ways to create The Ultimate Fire. One that could keep the cave warm, the food grilled, and the enemies away.

The need then evolved to do work : mostly kinetic energy. So they relied on animals to do the work for them. And to travel, they relied on the sailboats and wind.

Then around 500 B.C, came Thales and discovered electricity. Technically, electrostatic energy; by rubbing two pieces of fur.

Then the Chinese discovered coal, and that lasted for centuries and was thought of as a perfect infinite energy source.

Fast forward to the Edison Era. Energy was being harnessed through different means. And served many purposes: heat, transportation, light, communication, … etc.

Then came the 21st century. And we all know the story : the original need(s) got surpassed, by all measures, and population explosion throughout the planet accelerated this need.

But other concerns arose, such as “keeping the Earth green“, and funky stuff like that. So nuclear/fusion power/other-non-safe-or-cool-powers are nowadays pretty much out of the question.

Into the Nothingness.

Going into the details of the Nothingness, the big O, 0, 零, ∅, {}, {}, … will yield a massive, incomprehensible and deeply mathematical-philosophical and subjective article. Or a few hundred (thousand ?) pages.

So I will stick with this simple pseudo-mathematical definition :

Nothing is really nothing. 0 is a number, an Integer, so it can’t be nothing. It’s therefore an entity. But it’s null.

Long story short, let’s assume Nothing is mathematically Null.

So, you ask, how on earth this relates to Energy ? Let along Infinite …

The Null Equation : 0 = 1-1

Yes. Zero equals one (plus) minus one. We have four entities in this (logical !) equation:

  • 0 : Which is out mathematical interpretation of Nothingness.
  • = sign : To add some balance.
  • 1 : The integer that comes just after 0.
  • Implicit + : Integer addition.
  • -1 : The integer that is just below 0.

So, we just created two digital entities (1, -1) out of Null. Out of sheer Nothingness.

We can push this process further and get the entire Integer set out of nothing :

0 = 1 – 1 + 1 – 1 + 1 – 1 + 1 …..

  = 0 + 1 + (1 + 1) + (1 + 1 + 1) + …. – 1 – (1 + 1) – (1 + 1 + 1) – ….

  = 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + … – 1 – 2 – 3 – …. 

Basically, we could create any number of positive entities, if we sync them with corresponding negative entities.

The question that rises is, how could we “transplant” this into the physical world ?

Bridging the gap between Physical and Mathematical beings.

Commonly, it’s thought of that there is nothing such as “physical nothing”. There is air, dark matter, poop, whatever.

Actually, close to 99,999(tell me when to stop)99% of the Universe is VOID. Empty space (or no space ? just time ? or a distorted space ? and that would be eventually a longer discussion).

Below, is the simplest atom known to Mankind, the Hydrogen atom. Just one electron (supposedly indivisible) and one neutron (composed by three quarks, 2up, 1down).

Hydrogen Atom

Hydrogen Atom Structure

The Nothingness we’re talking about might lie in the space between the electron and its neutron. And the space inside the three oscillating quarks inside the neutron, too.

Analogically, let’s assume that this space is our 0-integer.

What if we could extract this Nothingness ?

This is rather controversial; when we say “extract”, there’s supposed to be an object/entity/… to be extracted. But how could we extract THE Null ??!!

Let’s tackle this problem from a half-full perspective. What if we could isolate the electron and the neutron in the Hydrogen atom ?

I’m in no position to answer the how of this (though, I’d love if someone enlightens me on the matter), but I guess it’s feasible.

Assume we extracted the nothingness.

If we get back to our mathematical model, this nothingness could divide itself, into +1 and -1, matter and antimatter, energy and anti-energy (you know, stuff that generates antigravity and whatnot), Yin and Yang, but most importantly, an infinitely self-sustainable oscillating system, that would eventually generate infinite energy (TADAA !).

Overall …

Would really the Nothingness divide itself into that system ? Or would it need some ignition energy ? would the ignition energy needed surpass the generated energy (therefore, we’d have a losing balance) ? Can we preserve the Nothingness while the electron and neutron gone ? how ?

Still A LOT of questions to answer… but we’re getting there !

5 thoughts on “Could the secret to Infinite Renewable Energy lie in a simple equation ?

  1. Achraf Almouloudi

    I followed thoroughly on your thoughts about extracting the Nothingness from the in-between of an Electron and Neutron so it can divide itself into a + and – state, the idea is good but I think you made a HUGE mistake : the Neutron holds a neutral charge, it is the Proton that has a (+) charge! An an Atom’s constructed of Electrons and a Core made of Protons and Neutrons, you weren’t paying attention in your Physics class, were you? Zak.

    1. Zak El Fassi Post author

      It’s stated nowhere that the Neutron holds a positive charge. The denomination “Neutron” comes from the word neutral.
      The whole idea of extracting + and – charges from the Neutron lays down to the fact that it’s neutral …

      1. Achraf Almouloudi

        It is neutral is electrical charge, but not in other properties. Those properties (quark-gluon plasma, for exemple) are real and could potentially interfere with the “process” which I don’t even know how it would be for extracting actual “energy” from just about nothing.


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