Approach your users. That’s Growth Hacking.

I launched less than 3days ago a Chrome extension that had for purpose adding Voice commenting capability to Facebook, Talk&Comment.

Well – it was highly welcomed. And loved, and for a moment, people were happy and playing around with their christmas gift.

But the nerd that I-am, kept tracking every event and user action there is, trying to understand the users. I even added some users on Facebook just to get their reaction.

“It’s very innovative! I love it.”

Yes – users love out-of-the-box gadgets. But even early adopters are sometimes conservative. Especially when it comes to voice.

What I noticed is a trend of: X installs Talk&Comment. X posts a message. And if X is a Facebook friend, I don’t see his message. They were playing around with it in “Only me” posts.

Few were having true conversations, and fun, in public. But those were the 20%.

“Hello – What’s wrong?”

I approached my users. A dozen. Tried to avoid the bias of close friends, so I talked to those I’ve never had conversation with. Their feedback was straight forward: “It’s an awesome feature… but I guess I’ll start using it once everyone uses it“.

So my next question was: How can-I improve it? Few said “shorter links“, “meaningful titles“, “audio library“, ..etc.

It’s not what they say. It’s what they don’t say.

What they didn’t say is: “I don’t have the courage to talk in public, I feel like I’m being listened to by my 1500 friends.

Truth be told, it feels that way. And I get it. So I quickly switched gears.

The Magic feature.

Sometimes it’s not about pivoting your product. But about finding the holy grail of features that would boost usage.

The whole Talk&Comment system was in place. It took time to build the framework. But to add the magic feature, which was integrating voice messaging to the Facebook chat, took less than 6 hours of work. It was straight forward …

I’ll let you imagine the surprise of the users when they woke up and found a Hold to Rec button on they chat window!

One thought on “Approach your users. That’s Growth Hacking.

  1. Michael Muli

    Hey there Zak,
    Interesting point of view here, isn’t this more user engagement.
    Growth hacking is a conscious effort to on-board and acquire more users.
    What do you think ?


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