Hi! Zak here.

I currently live in sunny Rabat, Morocco. I’m very passionate about building crazy-cool-out-of-the-box companies.

I’ve been, for a very short period of time, a Web developer at Google (2012), before I called it a day and started a Venture Building Company out of sunny Morocco, Zaigood, which currently holds more than 6 ventures in its portfolio, including JobFinder.ma, JobFinder Pro, send.ma,  TalkAndCommentLiberTweet, (…) and experimenting on a dozen more.

This blog is just an expression of my romantic affair with code, psychology, business, design, and innovation. Some occasional bursts of anger and rants, too.

If you wanna get in touch, here, or use one of the icons on the sidebar.

The guy who wrote the lines above

The guy who wrote the lines above

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