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Could the secret to Infinite Renewable Energy lie in a simple equation ?

Dear reader, if you’re looking for a deep insight, maybe an “aha!” moment, read along. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a secret tasty recipe, I recommend this show.

A (very) brief history of Energy.

We have been trying to harness energy from Nature’s own existence since our earliest ancestors. Energy was then knows as Fire. They started making fire with a stick, then a bow drill, then rocks.

Obviously, that wasn’t enough for them.

Our great grandfathers kept looking mercilessly for other, most sophisticated ways to create The Ultimate Fire. One that could keep the cave warm, the food grilled, and the enemies away. Continue reading “Could the secret to Infinite Renewable Energy lie in a simple equation ?” »

Do machines understand Humans ?!

I was in Tunisia to give two workshops (UX design and Mobile HTML5) for the TNWebDays – live coding sessions, use cases and whatnot.

Basically, my laptop (Macbook Pro) was crucial for this mission.

But, like any machine that has got some self esteem, it crashed as I was about to wrap up the presentations. That crash is vastly known in the Apple community as “White screen of death“. And quickly recoverable by resetting the PRAM by pressing Command+Option+P+R. Continue reading “Do machines understand Humans ?!” »