One-click Google ranking boost for your website

Since the launch of Google+, Google -the search engine- startedĀ emphasisingĀ socialĀ into its ranking; mostly, the top results you see are in this order (though, I’m just scratching the surface) :

  1. Relevant results which have been shared by people in your circles.
  2. Relevant non-social results.
  3. Less relevant results, but with some kind of social presence.

You can have control over the 1st (sharing in Google+ and getting +1s) or 2nd case (basic SEO stuff), but it would take some kind of work, strategic or technical work.

It turns out, the 3rd kind is the easiest one to get -just a few clicks away; You just have to sync the post’s author with its Google+ profile. Technically, this is achieved by :

  1. Adding a <link rel=”author” href=”” /> tag in the page’s header.
  2. Edit the Contributor to section of your Google+ profile :Ā
  3. Test everything using Google’s rich snippet tool

Easy peasy.

If you’re running a WordPress blog, there’s a neat plugin that achieves the first step quickly, even while having multiple authors on the blog : Google Plus Authorship. Just install and add the Google+ profile link on the author’s page.



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