LiberTweet : This is how your longer tweets could appear with this app.

Since its launch a few weeks ago, LiberTweet (the only app that integrates seamlessly with the Twitter web and Android clients to make longer tweets – and also, my new born baby) had gone through some major changes.

But the biggest update by far, is this one : now even if your followers don’t have the Android app/Chrome extension installed, they can still see your long tweets inside their twitter clients (Web, Android, iOS, Tweetdeck …) ! See the images below :

Inside the Twitter Web client.
Inside the Twitter Web client.
Inside the Twitter Android client.
Inside the Twitter Android client.

Download it now for Chrome and Android. And share if you like :)

Your feedback is always welcome.

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  1. Hello sir i tried much to download libertweet. From google play. But it is nt found, did you removed it? or may be found elsewhere???

    1. Hello – Unfortunately, there are no plans currently to maintain the Android version – so it has been taken off the store.
      That said, the app is still available for Chrome.

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