How to fix Viber on Mac OS X Yosemite

As the time of writing this post, Viber didn’t release an updated version that supports Mac OS X Yosemite.

Chances are the app icon is marked with an and you get an error message once you try to launch it.

It’s pretty easy to actually fix this issue; Just head to your Applications directory, right-click on the Viber icon then Show package contents. Navigate to the Contents folder and open Info.plist ; Note that you’d probably need a Plist file editor installed (or XCode) to edit this file. If it’s not the case, just open it with your preferred text editor – and you’ll get something like this:


Notice the highlighted lines – all you need to do is change the values 4 and 4.0.0 to, respectively, and 5.0.0


After editing the file
After editing the file

Save your file. Relaunch Viber. You’re good to go!

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    1. omg, dude u really save the day. was trying so hard to search “compatible version”

  1. Wow ! Amazing .. Thank you so much … I did it according to the tips…. It worked.

  2. id doesnt work here :/ It says the viber is damaged and asks me to move to trash after editing

  3. Don’t work

    Working fix :
    In a Terminal, type sudo xattr -d /Applications/

    1. Nota sudo xattr -dr /Applications/ might be a better option (r standing for recursive)


      1. Tried the changing the value to 5 and 5.0.0 and got the “vibe is damaged…trash” message. Then run the “sudo xattr….” in terminal and voila. Works like a charm. Thanks guys!

  4. You also need to update the OSX version from 10.9 (in my case) to 10.10 just below where you update 5 and 5.0.0. It works

  5. Wow! Love those code tricks that actually work! Makes me feel like a hacker! haha

  6. Viber has already updated their app, if you download it today it’s gonna work with OS X Yosemite.

  7. Didn’t work for me at first. I had “4.1.0” instead of “4.0.0”, so I tried to replace by “5.1.0” and it worked ;)
    Also changed “OS 10.x” by “OS 10.10”, later in the code.

    Thanks for the tip !

    1. It should be. If it’s not the case, just download the new Viber DMG; I guess they update it.

  8. Thank you, and yes, it was easy to follow your instructions and make the changes. Completed in under a minute. Well Done

  9. Thanks Mate!! Highly Appreciated for your effort to help us..
    Keep it Up!! :)

  10. Thanks Man :)

    it was set to 3 & 3.0.0 i changed them to 4 & 4.0.0

    hope this will help.

  11. awesome – thanks a lot! how in the world did you figure this out…? well done

    1. It looks like this:




      © 2013 Viber Media Inc.

      1. Just head to your Applications directory, right-click on the Viber icon then Show package contents. Navigate to the Contents folder and open Versions folder. Double click on . It will create a shortcut icon. Just click on the icon and your good to go:)

        1. You can go to the application and drag the viber option to trash. Copy and paste the icon in the application that was created from above process.

  12. vow ! it works, just amayzing and so simple, why isn’t Viber supporting its Mac customer

  13. I just copied my from the one I was using in 10.9 to a clean installed Yosemite and it seems to work fine. I have 4 and 4.3.0 on mine.

    What I was searching for was how to disable one of the rouge Viber process that always freezes right after launching Viber. There’s a main Viber process and a small 2.4 MB size Viber process which goes Not-Responding in Activity Monitor right after launching Viber. I can manually kill it and it won’t do any harm, but it feels iffy to do this.
    Does anyone know a fix for this? Last year, Viber Support said they are aware of this issue, and still hasn’t fixed it.

    1. They just released an updated version as of a few hours ago. Did you check if the stale process is still there? (FYI, the same issue is with Google Chrome; my bet is on Adobe’s Flash being stupid – I guess used for animated stickers.)

    2. I actually double-checked and sampled the process; it appears that it’s not “technically” not responding, it’s just Yosemite’s way of saying “something is happening but I ignore way”. The process is responsible apparently for some background tasks (mostly SSL encryption).

  14. Hi
    It does not fix my problem
    It opens (as before) but quite UNEXPECTEDLY., leaving this problem detail:

    Process: Viber [6658]
    Path: /Applications/
    Identifier: com.viber.osx
    Version: 5 (5.0.2)
    Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process: ??? [1]
    Responsible: Viber [6658]
    User ID: 501

    Date/Time: 2015-05-10 22:41:32.427 -0400
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10.3 (14D136)
    Report Version: 11
    Anonymous UUID: E9C15D6F-713D-FDEF-4E55-E5A832D46A09

    Sleep/Wake UUID: C2AC886C-C55A-4E90-9B2E-EEF08891E44B

    Time Awake Since Boot: 38000 seconds
    Time Since Wake: 1500 seconds

    Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000

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