This blog is … well, I don’t really know where it’s going. A brain dump, in a way. Some things might be useful for you, some not as much But regardless, keep in mind that the primary audience is in fact just me.

There are far too many people that are driven by “challenges” — unfortunately, I’m not one of them. A challenge for a challenge’s sake is a waste of time. So let’s get that out of the way.

My driver however is curiosity; I get the same rush from learning that trees often live in a family, feed their neighbors, and can signal imminent danger to others through smell, that I get from learning about the inner-workings of a technology system, or navigating complex people and organizational dynamics.

To satisfy my curiosity, I build things. Beside being a cathartic experience by itself, building is my learning highway, in addition to teaching and mentoring.

I’m lucky enough to have made a career out of being curious; as a consultant early on, then as a startup studio founder and investor, a university lecturer, an engineer, and as a business guy.

I left the corp world in 2021 to focus on a few things on my life’s to do list – while time is still running for me.

(Before that I was at Facebook/Meta since 2016 yada yada yada … more on LinkedIn.)

If you’ve read thus far, you are probably of the curious kind, and if you want to chat, shoot me an email at [this domain name, but replace the first a with the AT sign].

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