There are far too many people that are driven by “challenges” — unfortunately, I’m not one of them. A challenge for a challenge’s sake is a waste of time. So let’s get that out of the way.

My driver however is curiosity; I get the same rush from learning that trees often live in a family, feed their neighbors, and can signal imminent danger to others through smell, that I get from learning about the inner-workings of a technology system, or navigating complex people and organizational dynamics.

To satisfy my curiosity, I build things. Beside being a cathartic experience by itself, building is my learning highway, in addition to teaching and mentoring.

I’m lucky enough to have made a career out of being curious; as a consultant early on, then as a startup studio founder and investor, a university lecturer, an engineer, and as a business leader.

If you’ve read thus far, you are probably of the curious kind, and we might need to chat – especially if you want to learn more about trees or the biology of sourdough bread.

I’ve been at Facebook since 2016, wearing multiple product and partnerships hats — currently leading the Product Partnerships team for Messenger and Instagram Direct. I called the San Francisco Bay Area home since 2018.

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  1. You are the man Zak, Go ahead

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