Add HStore support to your Postgres database

Postgres doesn’t have HStore enabled by default (especially if you’re using Postgresapp on OSX ); There is a quick fix though.


# This is to enable hstore in your current database
$ psql YOUR_CURRENT_DATABASE -c 'create extension hstore;'

# And this is to enable it for your future databases
$ psql template1 -c 'create extension hstore;'

Simple !

Fix Vagrant and VirtualBox

If you just started using Vagrant (which I highly recommend), and on the last version of OSX (or any other system as a matter of fact) + VirtualBox, it’s highly likely that you’ll stumble on an error during your first `vagrant up` :

mount -t vboxsf -o uid=`id -u vagrant`,gid=`id -g vagrant` /vagrant /vagrant
Stdout from the command:

Stderr from the command:
mount: unknown filesystem type 'vboxsf'

The sharing isn’t setup. A bit frustrating. And you’ll need to install Guest Additions on the box (and that’s not straightforward if using Vagrant).

Turns out, the fix is quite easy.
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